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Dr. James Weber’s Testimony

I began having symptoms of fatigue, cravings for sweets, increased sinus congestion, weight gain, and impotence when I was 23 years old. I just thought going through school because of high stress, that this is the way it is and there is nothing besides drugs or surgery could fix it. I knew the miraculous affects of a chiropractic adjustment but there was something else missing.

One of my fellow classmates and mentors told me about a Functional Medicine study group. This person was the type that whatever he said, was “gold”, we was just a great, honest man who I truly admired. Well I went and found the answer to my problems (not right away I might add).

This was completely different from anything that I had ever seen before. This group was studying laboratory tests such as blood serum and saliva tests, breaking them down into metabolic pathways and what symptoms the patient would be experiencing. After about a month of this group studying I decided to have my labs ran and checked. The teacher sat me down and told me my findings and in my labs he was able to deduce why I was so fatigued, constant cravings for sweets, allergies, and weight gain.

After doing two months of supplementation and being aware of what I was eating, my system did a 180 degree turn. I felt twice as much energy as I had had before. Then while still going to the study group, the teacher noticed that my hair was beginning to thin on the top of my head and recommended I get my hormones checked by doing a saliva test. When I had received those results back, it showed my testosterone was low and my estrogens were high. Now I am 23 years old, this should not be happening to me at this age. Again I did another round of supplements recommended by my teacher and I noticed personally that my hair was beginning to thicken on top again.

So as of now I am no longer fatigued as I was, my sweet cravings have diminished greatly, my sinus congestion issues are related to my gluten sensitivity (transitioning to a gluten free diet helps tremendously), my weight gain has ceased and is now in the process of reversing, and no longer have impotence issues.

In conclusion, being a health care provider it is my job to find out why be have pain or suffer from a specific condition(s). Analyzing physiology with objective findings (blood serum or saliva testing) and correlating their patterns with their symptoms makes to much sense to pass up and ignore. I have seen some remarkable results utilizing this type of work as you have just read, plus more that I did not include. This is extraordinary work that may not be found very easily elsewhere.

Testimonial From S.N.

Hi! How are you?
I am sure you are not as good as you can be. I was not till I made an appointment with a chiropractor, Dr. Weber.

I live with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and pain pills. Well, NOT ANYMORE since I have been going to Dr. Weber for treatments. I now have a normal life and feel better than I ever have. I know my body and mind is better for I no longer live on pain medications like Vicoden (pain killer), Sonata (sedative, helps insomnia), Percocet (pain killer), and Flexeril (muscle relaxant). Dr. Weber has made a new person out of me. I no longer need my pain meds, he kept my mind and body aligned so that I have more energy, strength then I ever had before. I am able to do all the things in life that I enjoy; walking, bike riding, and most of all able to keep up with my grandkids and enjoy everything we do together.

I see Dr. Weber once a week or every two weeks. He has done so much for me, I don’t know how to THANK HIM! So if you are in, do not worry about what your other doctor says, give Dr. Weber a call because you won’t need all the pills your doctor puts you on once you see Dr. Weber. I had been on all pain meds for over two years now and I don’t need them anymore. It’s called “taking control of your body and mind” and listening to it. After being treated by Dr. Weber I have not had a pain pill in over 3 months & I even lost 35 pounds by stopping the pain meds and going to see him. I am happier in mind, body, and soul. When I am not feeling good I just give him, Dr. Weber, a call and schedule an appointment so that I may feel great again!! So if you want to feel young and not your age give Dr. Weber a call. I am 52 years old, but I feel like my body is back in its 20’s. Something I have not felt in 30 years till I met Dr. Weber. Dr. Weber really cares about the person he works with and he will make a big difference if you will give him a chance to prove it to you. I am glad I did because now I am a better person and my body is in better shape and health thanks to him!! He is a body saver!!

June, 2010

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