Our Team

Our Team at Quantum Chiropractic

Dr. Jim

I, Dr. James M. Weber was born and raised in Dittmer, MO on my families dairy farm. I had never been to a chiropractic office before starting chiropractic school. I knew I wanted to help people since I was young, after starting my first trimester of chiropractic school I knew I was in the right place because I could help people with my bare hands and personal knowledge.

While in my third trimester at Logan College of Chiropractic I began my intense study of Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT). SOT, unlike most chiropractic techniques is a whole body analysis which incorporates chiropractic, while blending osteopathy, craniopathy, and organ/soft tissue reflex manipulation along with it.

In 2010, I received my Sacro Occipital Technic basic certification from Sacro Occipital Research Society International.

Through additional studies outside basic chiropractic curriculum I received my Internal Health Specialist certification as well as a Cranial and Pediatric certification. Throughout school I attended seminars advancing my knowledge and understanding in Functional Blood Chemistry, Brain and Neurotransmitter, & Functional Endocrinology.

I especially enjoy working with chronic cases that other doctors have said the words, “You will have to live with this…” I wish I could say I specialize in one particular area/region of the body but I cannot because all parts are connected and work together. If you, the reader are seeing a specialist for some health related issue than there is atleast a 50% chance that they are missing a critical component to your health.

Personal Road

​​​​​​​At 24 years of age, I ran my first lab test on myself and found out I was insulin resistant. I could not believe it, at 24 years of age, semi-athletic, compared to my previous 20 years where I was active in soccer, wrestling, martial arts, and more. I had unwanted weight gain, I craved sweets after meals, and had a very difficult time falling asleep at night. As with most blood sugar issues, an added complication is an imbalanced hormonal system which led to impotence. Through diet and lifestyle modification along with appropriate supplementation from Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s Apex nutritional supplements, I was able to start seeing improvements in my performance in less than one month. After approximately 3 months of consistent care, my lab values began to normalize and after 6 months on the program I had completely resolved all my issues.

Dr. Pauline

Dr. Pauline Asahara is a 2004 Palmar West graduate. She is a second generation chiropractor. She enjoys her work and has such dedication to her patient’s.

She has advanced training in Pediatric’s, Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology (including Thyroid), and Functional Neurology with rehabilitation.

She is effectively trained in numerous chiropractic techniques including:

  • Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

  • Thompson Technique

  • Logan Basic Technique

  • Diversified Technique

  • Gonstead Technique

  • Activator Technique

  • Soft Tissue Orthopedics

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