Quantum Chiropractic Financing

Quantum Chiropractic fees are non-competitive and reasonable.

As a consumer, you would like to select a chiropractor with extensive experience and who gets the best results in order to get the most efficient use of your health care dollars.

Quantum Chiropractic believes in the value of care for you and your family and maintains a pricing structure that accommodate all budgets.

Despite insurance company’s restrictions and limits, many patients pay directly for care. They find chiropractic care extremely cost effective and affordable.

Quantum Chiropractic Office Fees (Fees Subject to Change)

New Patient Examination

Established Patient Adjustment

Nutritional Consultations

Functional Medicine Interpretation / Report of Findings
$125 – $250

30 Minute Consultation or Pre-Case Evaluation

30 Minute Consultation with Doctor regarding case, nutrition, labs, etc. (for established patients)

Family Rate

  • Parent is established patient, each child $55 (after New Patient Exam)

  • Parent is not established patient, each child is $75 (after New Patent Exam)

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