SOT and Functional Medicine: Powerful Health Results

SOT and Functional Medicine: Powerful Health Results

It is impossible these days to determine if facts about nutrition are really facts or fiction? Do you know what it needs? Do you know what your body needs to heal? How sure are you that you know what your body needs versus was “Dr. Google” recommends?

In our chiropractic office, we are specialized in a chiropractic technique called Sacro-Occipital Technique or SOT. This technique unlike the majority of chiropractic techniques has been created and methodically implemented through¬†thousands¬†of some of the most troublesome patients. The founder, Dr. DeJarnette, started his research in the mid-1920’s and by the early 1950’s he created a non-profit research society that spanned literally worldwide. Unfortunately, this technique has diminished in the number of practicing doctors due to the very steep learning curve that is required.


SOT is a road map guide book. Once you understand the indicators mapped out by our own anatomy and physiology the clinical therapy application is simple. Another way to say this is, once you know the problem, the solution is often simple.

SOT evaluates more systems of the human body than majority of chiropractic technique, i.e. Craniopathy, Category I, Category II, Category III, Extremities and Occipital Fiber system. Each one of these systems gives an insight into one’s health status on that particular day.

The Occipital Fiber system (OFS) is what I want to discuss today. The OFS when used in a chiropractic office identifies the weak link in the spine. This is identified through palpation and feeling of muscle fibers. While palpating these muscle fibers, a trained SOT practitioner can identify an acute, sub-acute or chronic nutritional deficiency within an organ system.

You may be thinking, “Okay, why is this important? How does this apply to my health?”

Relax, I am getting there in the next couple paragraphs.

By being able to connect a patient’s pains or other health related issues to their objective findings is an eye opener for most people because 1. rarely do most doctors connect the dots for patients to understand 2. we can identify the system that is in need of support to keep this pain or issue from coming back.


Many patients want to be healthy and will be proactive with their health if their healthcare provider is able to help them understand what they did or are doing wrong and most importantly, keep them from doing it again. This is why our office recommends to majority of patients to, “Test DO NOT GUESS.”

The testing strategy needed will be determined by the patient’s health complaints. As we are working with our patient who has low back pain, migraines or a chronic issue of some sort, we often recommend doing nutritional testing to verify nutritional imbalances.

Why so soon you may ask? Well, it is simple, if the nutritional support was their the problem never would of surfaced. Example, have you ever wondered why your roof leaks when it rains? Well if you needed a new roof five years ago it is only going to get worse.

To summarize, our bodies are fine tuned machines that require steady maintenance both good fuel (nutrition) and structural support (chiropractic).

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